Now RENTNG our personal BEACH HUT! - Overlanders welcome!

Salinas Grandes Day Beach Resort



Need a ride?

We offer transportation from your hotel in Leon to the beach and back. We pick you up at 9am and we leave the beach when you are ready, which is usually after sunset. The cost is $5 each way per person.

Can I drive myself?

You can also drive yourself to the beach. Even if you have a motorcycle, you can ride to the beach.

How is the road?

During rainy season which is from May until November the road deteriorates after being fixed before Easter. It is still drivable even by motorcycle. If you foresee the potholes then you are good. We are very used to it.

How to get there

We know that addresses can be confusing here in Nicaragua. If you have google maps on your cellphone then just put our business name and voila! If not...take the carretera vieja (NIC 12) exiting Leon going towards Managua. Drive till you see the 1st big Movistar antena to your right (west), make a right turn on the dirt road. This is Camino Salinas Grandes. From here it is 14km. Pass all the signs that say "Salinas Grandes Day Beach Resort". You will pass Salinsa, this is where the salt is stored. You will drive through a community called "Ciudadela". The drive down will give you the view of the salt flats. During rainy season they are filled with water. When you reach the 'T" make a right at the bus stop, 2km . We are the last property on the left side. You will see our sign and long wall. If you pass us then you will be in the estuary!

Scheduling a ride

Make sure to schedule your ride the latest the day before going to the beach. Have the front desk of your hotel give us a call. They will be more than happy to help you. If for some reason you must cancel, cancel the night before or no later than 7am.

Q & A

How do I pay for the transportation? CASH, US dollars or cordobas. You pay when you close out your tab at Salinas Grandes Day Beach Resort.

Price List


Single Kayak

$15 the day. Includes life jacket and water.

Double Kayak

$25 the day. Includes life jackets and waters.

Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP)

$15 the day. Includes life jacket and water.

Surf Boards

based on size of board

price range from

$8 - $15 the day

Boat Tour

$10 pp. Boat tour takes place on the estuary only. Life jacket included.

Bicycle , Chair Set & Entrance

Bicycle $5 the day. helmet available.

Chair set with umbrella $15 the day. Sit closer to beach!

 Entrance is FREE during low season.