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Salinas Grandes Day Beach Resort

Giving back

A Cleaner Community

We feel that by having our business here in Nicaragua we should have some kind of social responsibility. In doing so, we discovered that the garbage and recycling was a definite issue. We united with like minded individuals and created the project "Salinas Bonitas". Once a month we clean the beach and the community of Ciudadela with the school children. We feel that it should all start by educating the children about the environment.  In return we raffle kayak rides to the older children. This way they can get close and personal with the environment and appreciate its cleanliness. Now, the garbage truck passes by every Saturday and picks up the garbage from the trash receptacles created by Salinas Bonitas. The recycling is collected and sorted at its location where new bottle garbage cans are made or recycled in order to continue funding the project. This allows for a cleaner beach. Check out their Facebook page to learn more and how you can help. We are proud to be a part of this project helping out the community of Salinas Grandes. 

Anything Helps

You can click on this gofundme link. Anything you can help us with is a huge help!

Thank you

It has been a long and tough battle but little by little we are bringing awareness. Together we can make a difference. Thank you!