Single Kayak

single kayak

Double Kayak

Stand Up Paddleboard

Surf Boards

Boogie Board


other activities/services

Boat Ride

Boat ride is on the estuary. Soon we will go out fishing.

Chair & Umbrella

2 chairs and 1 umbrella

available to rent

move around anywhere on the beach!

Entrance Fee

Entrance is FREE during low season!

The entrance fee covers use of land which includes, toilets, shower, lockers, towels, tikki hut, lounge chairs, umbrellas, hammocks and games


We offer local beers, local rum, sodas, water, tea, rum punch and red wine.


We offer fish tacos, chicken sandwich and a red bean veggie burger, hummus dip and smoked fish dip. Check our specials when there!

Q & A

Do you accept credit cards? No, not yet. CASH ONLY.

Do I need a swimsuit? Yes, you will get wet when you kayak or SUP. Besides, the dip pool is very tempting.

I don't need water. Yes, you do! We don't want for you to get dehydrated. 

Do I need to sign that waiver? Yes, you do. There are no lifeguards here. We will make you aware of the dangers. Common sense is key!


Volley Ball

Horse Shoe Toss



Bocce Balls